About Us

Scoliosis Foundation Ghana

Our foundation is driven by the passion to let the world know about Scoliosis, and a commitment to help everyone who has this condition overcome all the health challenges that are caused by scoliosis in Ghana.
SFG most importantly, helps its victims to live a quality life which is free of fear, stigma and regrets.
We saw the need and necessity to help make life easier by creating strong awareness and providing support and an umbrella for those with scoliosis. This makes us achieve our mission and vision, and ultimately save thousands of lives in a single foundation.

"We believe that together, we all can make a great difference. Your sponsorship donations allow us to make a difference to the 80% of Ghanaians who experience some form of back pain in their lives."

SFG believe that:

Everyone deserves a conducive, friendly and productive environment to live in.

Everyone deserves to become the best they can while achieving all their life's goals.

Everyone deserves to be encouraged supported and guided to become what they dream to be

We all deserve to participate in social activities and relate freely with friends and colleagues without being considered less.

Nobody deserves to be treated any less because of their differences, uniqueness, diversity, race, color, disabilities, or even their beliefs.

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APN set-up is our major source of funding. It consists of Individuals, Cooperative institutions or organizations across the world that are welcome to actively fuel our goals, mission and vision.
We donate monthly to save the lives of people with scoliosis and help them build the lives of their dreams.

Being a member of SFG gives you a great opportunity, enabling you to:

Contribute to the success of the foundation's mandate

Formulate policies for the Project

Make a positive impact on public education

Expand your network and meet people with similar interests.

Our Team

Gabriel Ntow Quao

Founder / Executive Director

Gabriel Ntow Quao, born and raised in Ghana, is a remarkable individual who has faced the challenges of scoliosis with unwavering determination and an indomitable spirit. Despite being diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age, Gabriel never allowed his condition to define him or limit his potential. Instead, he turned his adversity into a powerful catalyst for change and became an advocate for others who suffer from scoliosis.


With unwavering determination, Gabriel formed the Scoliosis Foundation Ghana, a nonprofit organization that provides support, screening, resources, and education to individuals with scoliosis in Ghana. Through the Scoliosis Foundation Ghana, Gabriel has organized outreach programmes, fundraising events, and awareness campaigns to ensure that no one facing scoliosis in Ghana feels alone or without access to proper care and support.

Make a difference – sponsor the SFG today. We are ready to work with you…