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Scoliosis Foundation Ghana

A foundation that is driven by the passion to let the world know about Scoliosis, and a commitment to help everyone who has this condition overcome all the health challenges that is caused by scoliosis in Ghana.


To bring comfort, hope and undiluted support to everyone living with scoliosis, helping them overcome the fears and challenges that surround their conditions.


To become a significant and major source of advice, information and support for everyone living with scoliosis in Africa and the globe by extension.


The 3Rs project is a 5 – year project engaged in research and coming up with great solution to the issues faced by everyone who is living with scoliosis.

Godparent package

The Godparent package is one of our fundraising policies strategically planned to provide help and hope to children suffering with scoliosis condition in Ghana and who had been marginalized as the result of their condition.

School to School

School to school is a project we started in 2015 to educate and screen students in both public and private schools for early detection

Community outreach

SFG creates quality public awareness and screening to dispel fear and stigma surrounding the condition in Ghana.

About SFG

Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

The Scoliosis Foundation Ghana (SFG) is a patient-led nonprofit organization established in 2015 that creates quality public awareness, screens for scoliosis, and offers positive advice, support, and counseling to people with scoliosis and their families. We also help children get treatment and families of people with scoliosis live happily in unity and understanding, and we make sure that people with scoliosis can participate in social activities in whatever way they can.

Commitment to support those living with scoliosis.

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SFG is guided by

  • Showing genuine care, love and acceptance for people with scoliosis condition

  • Formulating ideas to raise funds in support of scoliosis patients

  • Good interpersonal relationship with our empathetic and kind partners / donors

Give a Helping Hand To Scoliosis Patients in Ghana

Together We Can Make A Great Change


"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something."
"It is an amazing service you offer to the least in your community through passion, dedication and excellence. May the world bear witness of how such amazing things can be done with responsibility to care for people and the environment"
William Segbefia (Ps)
"Excellent Process control with passion at all steps by Scoliosis Foundation Ghana who is making a difference to so many lives. Keep it up! Proud to be associated with this cause."
Lydia Ampiah
Lydia Ampiah